Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the common questions we get asked about our lighting system.
Our innovative Permanent Holiday Lighting system combines long-lasting, energy-efficient, and color-changing LEDs with Wi-Fi-connected smart home controls via smartphones. With this system, you can easily customize and control your home’s accent, holiday, and landscape lighting needs. It’s an all-in-one solution that offers a single installation for years of fantastic lighting features that will make your home or business look stunning.
As the premier dealer and installer of Gemstone Lights, Nighthawk Lighting takes pride in offering the best product on the market. We chose Gemstone Lights because of its exceptional quality and features that ensure optimal performance and reliability for your home or business. Gemstone Lights are truly the best out there. Below are some common questions we get about our outdoor LED lighting system.

As the leading dealer and installer of Gemstone Lights, Nighthawk Lighting offers a premium permanent LED outdoor lighting system that boasts an impressive range of features. With color-changing LED lights, this lighting system can provide nightly accent lighting to mimic recessed lighting, as well as offer a variety of different colors and patterns for every night of the holiday season, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, Easter, patriotic holidays, sports teams, Halloween, birthday parties, and more.

Our permanent LED lighting system can bring your home or business to life for any occasion, with custom color schemes and patterns easily controlled through our smartphone app. Whether you want to create a festive atmosphere for the holidays or showcase the beauty of your property, our lighting system can provide the perfect solution.

At Nighthawk Lighting, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and providing the highest quality lighting solutions. Our team of experts will work with you to design and install a lighting system that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our Gemstone Lights system and how we can help you transform your outdoor space with stunning, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Our outdoor lighting system costs roughly $20-$26 per linear foot installed, plus $250-$450 for controllers and power supplies. Price will vary greatly if you are doing just the front or front, sides and back. Most of our jobs are in the $2,500 to $5,900 range. This includes purchase, installation, warranties, taxes and fees.
Absolutely, the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system is designed to be waterproof, as it boasts an IP67 rating. This means that the system is fully protected against water, ensuring that it remains functional even in wet conditions.
Certainly, the entire set of cables and lights incorporated in the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system possess a UV rating, which enables the system to operate with the same efficiency as when you initially purchased it, for the duration of the lights’ lifetime.
Yes, every individual part that makes up the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system is safeguarded by surge protectors. This precautionary measure shields your investment from damage that may result from power surges occurring within your vicinity.
The Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system employs the latest and most advanced LED technology currently available, providing a remarkable lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Based on average usage of 6 hours per day, the system is expected to remain operational for approximately 23 years!
Most of the HOAs that we’ve helped customers apply to have approved the lights. Since the lights are barely visible unless they are turned on, there is no reason to deny your request to install them on your home.
In short, no. The fundamental core of the Gemstone Lights system remains unchanged, even though we provide a variety of track options to suit different types of homes.
If, by any chance, a light in the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system goes out, don’t worry! Replacing it is a hassle-free process, and it’s covered by our 5-year product warranty. Do you require a bulb replacement? Contact us today.
Installation, repair, and replacement of the lights in the Gemstone Lights track lighting system are made easy, thanks to their individual connections. In addition to being UV protected, the connections feature a threaded compression fit design, which guarantees a water-tight seal. Compared to crimping or soldering, our fittings have been shown to substantially enhance the connection’s integrity and durability, resulting in a longer-lasting and more reliable system.
Certainly, it’s possible to install your system on different parts of your home, including the front and back, at different times.
Absolutely, the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system can be installed in conjunction with pre-existing pot lights without incurring any additional expenses or complications.
The installation of the Gemstone Lights Control Box is dependent on three factors: its distance from an electrical outlet, the route to the first light of the system, and the need to conceal it from view. Typically, the Control Box is installed on the side of the house near the roofline or in the garage attic to keep it out of sight.
The Gemstone Lights Control Box serves as the housing for the critical components that power and control the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system. It is the brain of the system and essential to its operation.
Definitely, our manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting-edge, top-of-the-line machines that enable us to produce custom-fit track shapes and depths tailored to the unique requirements of your home.
No, a separate electrical outlet is not required for the Gemstone Lights Control Box. It can be plugged into any regular outlet, providing you with ample power to make your home stand out as the most stunning on the street.
Typically, the Gemstone Lights Track System is designed to work around rain gutters by snapping the custom aluminum track into the soffit and fascia, which is usually located below the gutters. However, in situations where there is no soffit or fascia below the gutters, Gemstone Lights can fabricate customized tracks that can be mounted directly onto the rain gutters without interfering with their functionality.
Using the depth of the fascia on your home, we will hang it based on that specific depth. This allows us to create a low profile look that blends nicely into your home.
We install the lights in a color-matched aluminum track, made out of the same material that your gutters are made from. We depth-match the track to the way your soffit is built, so that the lights slightly protrude from the track below the fascia. They are unnoticeable from the street unless you’re looking for them.
Yes! The lights are individually assigned which allows you to choose which lights you want on and what color you want them to be, and join them together in different patterns and animations. There are over 6 million different colors and patterns that you can make! We also have hundreds of preset patterns and animations.
Absolutely! Each light is individually controlled, meaning you can choose which lights you want on and what color you want them to be (anything from bright white to warm white or any color in the spectrum). For example, you can turn on lights at the top of each peak and over corners and columns, while the rest of the lights stay off, to provide nightly accents for your home. You could also set timers to come on or go off at any time you want. Our competitors do not offer this customizability.
We provide a 3 year complete warranty. All parts are covered for 5 years by Gemstone Lights, but the lights are rated for 50,000 hours which means you could see over 20 years even if you set the lights to come on daily for at least 6 hours per day. Imagine how many more years you could get if you wanted!
No, Gemstone Lights requires that certified and trained technicians install their system to ensure top quality and performance.
Firmware updates to the WiFi controller are pushed out as needed. You will have the option to install them when you access the system through the Gemstone Lights HUB app. The app is always being improved and having new features added which can be downloaded from your phone’s app store.
There is no regular maintenance needed outside of the updates to the firmware and app that Gemstone Lights sends out.
Average-sized installations are done within one day. You only need to be there for the beginning and the end of the installation. Our team will coordinate with you when we schedule your installation.
The lights on full bright white use less than one watt of power. It’s a small enough amount that you won’t notice a difference in your electricity usage.
Of course! Through the Gemstone Lights HUB app, you can control and dim all the lights or just a section of the lights to get your desired effect.
Yes you can, but we recommend not overlapping your daily timer with a calendar event. For example, you can create a calendar event for a holiday and set that to run from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Then you could set a daily timer to come on from 11:01pm to midnight or even to 5:00am. As long as the timers do not overlap they will work correctly.
No, the Gemstone Lights controller has a built-in battery so all saved programs and timers will not be lost if the controller loses power. That being said, we always recommend keeping the Gemstone Lights controller plugged in at all times.

The WiFi controller of the Gemstone Lights system allows you to connect your lights to the internet through your home WiFi, providing you with the ability to control them from anywhere in the world using the Gemstone Lights HUB app. With this feature, you can easily adjust the lighting and colors of your system, and even pre-program the lights to turn on and off at specific days and times. Whether you’re on vacation or away on business, you can rest easy knowing that your lights are running on a schedule you set up.

Using the Gemstone Lights HUB app, you can also program your lights to specific dates and patterns for upcoming holidays, sporting events, or any other special occasions. This advanced feature allows you to plan out your lighting needs months in advance, ensuring that your home or business is always looking its best without any hassle. With Gemstone Lights, you can truly set it and forget it, giving you more time to focus on what’s important in your life.

At Nighthawk Lighting, we offer a hassle-free warranty for all parts of the system for up to 3 years. If any part is found to be faulty within the 5-year warranty provided by Gemstone Lights, we will replace it free of charge. After the warranty period, replacement of the LED bulbs costs approximately $6 each. Our system is highly customizable, allowing for easy cutting and modification as long as the power is unplugged. The individual unit lights make our system highly modular, making it simple for us to add on to your system in the future.